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Savannah's Hypnotic Socks
Life couldn't go any better for Roxanne Prince she had managed to score a full scholarship to her college of choice. Her classes were going great, she had made some good friends and after try-outs she even managed to score a place on the track team. Not that it was that much of a surprise. Afterall Roxanne had always been an excellent sprinter, her body was basically built for it. While she was rather short standing only at about 5'2" she had long legs for her length, legs that had a nice tone to them due to her years of hard work. Her butt while looking kind of bubbly was very firm, the only thing that could have been better in her opinion were her breasts. They were about a handful each but with the right bra they looked decent for her frame.

Apart from her athletic fit body she was also blessed with a natural beauty. She had a spotless pale complexion, steely blue eyes and dark brown hair that almost always seemed to fall in a perfect wave cascading down her back. Unlike most girls Roxanne never wore makeup unless it was for a very special occasion and even then she kept things minimal not that you could blame her she didn't need makeup to look good at all.

On top of all that Roxanne had a very kind and out going personality that seemed to charm almost everyone. It is needless to say that she was a very popular girl getting along with everyone. Well almost everyone, she didn't get along all that great with her roommate and her friends. Moving out here she had hoped to have a dorm to herself. Sadly the college had a very strict policy about housing and to help with the integration of their first year students they were all put into two person dorms at random. This had been a bummer for her, but she decided to make most of it. Afterall the dorms were more like small apartments. Each room had a kitchen, livingroom and a bathroom along with a room for each student so there definitely was privacy.

The only problem was the girl she was paired up with, Savannah. She was pretty much what one would describe as the bad stereotype of a black woman. She was loud, obnoxious and had some kind of superiority complex. Roxanne particularly hated how Savannah acted like she owned the place without a single regard to her. On top of that she had a particularly strong body odour. Apart from showering more often, which to be fair she already did every day, there was nothing Savannah could do about it and Roxanne would have just sucked it up if it hadn't been for the way Savannah left her dirty laundry all over the place.

They were both polar opposites, where Roxanne was kind Savannah was rather rude and aggressive to everyone. She also was quite intimidating standing at almost 6-foot-tall with quite a full-figured body she was more imposing than most guys. Her black braided hair gave her pudgy face a rather mean look. Not that she minded at all, Roxanne suspected that she actually enjoyed annoying people. After Roxannes complaint about the dirty laundry the issue had only seemed to grow worse and once she figured out that Roxanne really hated being called Roxy that was the only name she chose to use for her.

Not knowing what else to do Roxanne had tried to just ignore Savannah as much as she possibly could. Not an easy feat considering how loud the girl usually was. Savannah on the other hand seemed to do just about anything to get an annoyed reaction out of her roommate.

Chapter 1

Today had just been a normal day for Roxanne, she had gone to her classes and had had time to grab coffee with some of her friends since there wasn't any track practice on Wednesday. It was around 6 PM when she made it back to the dorm fully planning on making herself a sandwich before retreating to her room to study for the test she had tomorrow morning. Depending on how smooth studying went she could maybe even reward herself with another episode of the latest series she got into before heading to bed.

Upon entering the dorm she was immediately greeted by the sight of her roommate sitting on the couch stuffing her mouth with chips while watching a series on a way too high volume not even batting an eye to her arrival. She was sitting on the only spot that didn't have any laundry on the couch. Normally Roxanne would have just rolled her eyes and carried on with her day but not this time. Savannah was pushing the limits of acceptable clothing with her white tank and the navy-blue boy shorts that seemed to be a snug fit on her huge butt. This wasn't all that exceptional expect for the neon pink knee-high socks that almost seemed to glow with brightness that seemed to catch Roxannes eye, more exactly the soles of her roommates' feet that were put up on the coffee table.

Each sole had a strange design on them, a design Roxanne couldn't quite wrap her head around, it was kind of like a whole assortment of colours aligned in a spiralling pattern. The pattern seemed very complex, there was just something about it that she couldn't quite put her finger on and so she kept staring at her roommates' soles. Somehow the design was so intriguing and with each passing second she had a feeling like she would understand what it meant and yet that moment never came.

In the mean time Savannah was smirking to herself. She really couldn't believe these socks were actually working. She had laughed at the woman trying to sell them to her claiming that they were some kind of hypnotic socks or something like that. Right like something so absurd could exist, yet the thought alone had made her buy them anyway, just imagine the things she could do with this and if it didn't work she still had a cool pair of socks. Afterall they were pretty cheap, so it certainly couldn't hurt to try it out and who better to mess with than that stupid perfect roommate of hers? The idea alone had kept her excited all afternoon and now it looked like this was really working. Why else would her roommate be staring at her soles for about 10 minutes straight already?

The instructions that came with the socks had predicted this would happen, it was something to do with the complexity of the pattern on the soles which the human mind simply couldn't understand. It went on in great detail about what the cause of this was and all other sorts of mumbo jumbo and warnings that didn't interest Savannah at all. The only thing she cared about was how to plant that post hypnotic command which it seems was quite simple. The subject would keep staring at the pattern trying to figure it out until someone called them out of it. If you called them out of it with a statement about them the subject would accept this statement without thought as the answer to the pattern after which it would stick as a post hypnotic command. They wouldn't be aware of this process afterwards making it perfect to reuse. It is however advised to wait a day or two to reuse this trick since it might not work otherwise since the subject might just think back to the earlier statement as the answer and thus break the staring cycle themselves.

Savannah really was intrigued to see her roommate just stare at her soles, it served the bitch right finally she was doing something useful with her time she thought with a mean smile. After observing the scene in front of her for a while she eventually just went back to watching her series. It was an episode later that she finally turned her attention back to Roxanne who was still staring at her soles. After enjoying the sight for a bit longer and snapping a few pictures she finally went over to her well-rehearsed line. "wow, you really can't help but stare at my soles Roxanne."

As if on que Roxanne blinked a few times muttering a confused "euhm yeah ofcourse" before walking to the kitchen to make her sandwich as though this had never happened at all. While Savannah stayed smirking on the couch thinking about how perfect this had gone Roxanne had a small panic attack looking at the clock on the oven 19:24 where had all that time gone? One thing was for sure, she better get studying right now or she might not be able to get a good night's sleep. With that in mind she headed to her room eating her sandwich along the way.

For the remainder of the evening Roxanne stayed in her room finishing her studies just in time for a healthy sleeping pattern, she didn't have any more time to watch one of her series though unaware that she had instead spend that time staring at the soles of her roommates' new socks.

Savannah spend her time wondering if the socks had actually worked, sure up until now everything had gone according to what the document said but she had yet to see if her statement would stick or not. Sure it was only a small suggestion but it was a worthy test case having her roommate stare at her soles constantly would certainly be funny especially with how Savannah planned to make her feel embarrassed about it. The given suggestion would also help solidify her control eventually. If Roxanne felt the urge to look at her soles anyway then she certainly would fall back into another staring session with the hypnotic socks sooner or later. No matter what, the socks had already been well worth the money just for having had that perfect roommate of her stare at her soles for over an hour.

With a smile on her face Savannah masturbated herself to sleep imagining all the fun she could have with her new socks. One thing was certain she would be careful in picking her words, so Roxanne would never actually enjoy all the things to come. Afterall what would be the fun in that? No Roxanne would pay for all her complaining and nagging, how dare she complain about the dirty laundry?

The following morning Roxanne was surprised to find her roommate already up, usually Savannah slept late only waking up sometime after Roxanne had already ventured off to class. She certainly didn't seem to care to much about her academics at all. "good morning Roxy" she said with a cheesier grin that gave Roxanne the creeps. It looked like she was up to something but there was no telling what. "morning Savannah" she says back casually just to be polite before making her coffee and pouring a bowl of cereal otherwise ignoring her roommate.

Like always there was a big fashion gap between the two of them while Roxanne tried dressing fashionably wearing a white crop top, a black flared out skater skirt with suspenders, black sheer pantyhose and a pair of white sneakers. Savannah preferred way to colourful outfits that were totally unflattering for her body or just plain comfort clothes. This morning she was wearing another whit tank top, black leggings that were stretched enough to appear slightly see trough and a pair of white ankle socks.

Neither of them said a word as Roxanne spooned up her breakfast while sipping her coffee as she repeated what she had studied yesterday in her mind. Savannah got up seemingly to get something but as soon as she stood by Roxannes side she leaned on the table and lifted her foot to scratch the sole. A movement that drug her roommates eyes towards her sole instantly. She kept scratching for a minute before looking straight at Roxanne.

"Is there something wrong with my sock?" she asks casually.

Roxanne who seems completely caught off guard instantly starts blushing while stammering ", I was just day dreaming".

"sureeee you were Roxy" Savannah replies in a sarcastic tone which only seemed to make Roxanne even more embarrassed as she just continued quickly eating her breakfast, so she could head out. She realised that she had indeed been staring at her roommates soles although she couldn't explain why. God this was embarrassing ofcourse Savannah just had to notice. With red cheeks Roxanne finished her breakfast and packed her back rushing out without another word. She really hoped to just forget about any off this as she strolled towards her test.

Once she was gone Savannah started laughing out loud, those socks surely had done a number on poor Roxy. She couldn't wait to see what she could accomplish with those socks in time but they had definitely proven to work. This was the best thing ever Savannah thought as she made herself some bacon for breakfast actually singing from joy.

Over the course of the day the memory of what happened this morning luckily faded away from Roxannes mind. Her test went great as usual and the rest of her day continued as usual. On the rare quiet moments however, she couldn't help but think back to what had happened this morning. Her track practice proved to be a great distraction at least. By the time she headed back to the dorm she felt rejuvenated. She was still wearing her black sports leggings with the matching sports bra and her hair in a high ponytail as she entered the empty dorm. Savannah didn't seem to be home yet which was a relief meaning she could shower in peace.

Heading out of the shower she entered the livingroom in just a new pair of panties and a bathrobe letting her hair dry to the air as she put on one of her series. She had to scrape some of Savannahs dirty laundry to the side with a pillow the thought of actually having to touch it making her skin crawl. God that woman was a pig she thought before losing herself to the distraction of the series.

Somewhere midway the second episode Savanah came home. Judging from the strappy formfitting purple dress and the silver high heeled pumps she was wearing Roxanne judged that she must have gone out to dinner with her friends. Afterall 10 pm was still too early to return from clubbing. Ignoring her roommate she just carried on watching her series. At least until she picked up a faint acrid, cheesy smell only to look over and notice Savannah had taken off her pumps and rested her feet covered in black sheer shiny nylon on the coffee table. They smelled awful even this far away she thought as she studied the shiny looking soles of her roommate's feet. They looked so meaty hell they even barely hand an arch left. Feet were gross by standard, but Savannahs feet weren't even nice looking compared to others like her own. Then why the hell had she be staring at them this morning?

This question kept on repeating in her head as she looked at the soles with disgust. At least until Savannah spoke up once more. "Hey Roxy, if you are just going to look at my soles all evening then would you mind giving me the remote, so I don't have to keep watching that stupid show of yours. Since you seem to like my feet so much I might even let you take a closer look in return" she says extending her foot towards Roxanne and wiggling her toes while laughing out loud.

Roxannes cheeks seem to turn an even brighter red as she is caught once more. She was just trying to figure out what happened this morning right? Well that was kind of hard to defend since noticing the progress in her series she must have been studying Savannahs feet for about 10 minutes. Mortified Roxanne just rushes towards her room cursing herself under her breath. Again? How could she have let this happen again? She thought. A question that would keep her pondering most of the night.

By the time Friday morning arrived Roxanne was slightly fatigued, it had taken some time till she could banish the strange occurrences of the day from her thoughts. Worst of all was the idea that Savannah would start to think she actually was some kind of pervert. Savannahs feet disgusted her and yet she had undeniably been caught twice now. She didn't even know why she did look at her feet. The point is that she would stop doing so going forward, she had to before a rumour would been born. Knowing Savannah she would be delighted to start a rumour like that.

With a sigh Roxanne got dressed for the day picking out a classy navy-blue dress with a white collar, a pair of black opaque pantyhose and a pair of navy-blue ballet flats. Heading into the kitchen she instantly saw Savannah sitting at the table. She was wearing the same outfit as yesterday morning but what worried Roxanne most was her pose. She had taken the liberty of carelessly putting her feet up on the table while she leaned back in her chair busying herself with her phone.

"Good morning Roxy, I'm sure you don't mind me putting up my feet right? I mean you probably love it given how you can't seem to take your eyes of them" Savannah laughed without even looking at Roxanne who was lost for words. What could she do? She couldn't really complain right? Afterall she had undeniably been caught twice. The least worst option seemed to just try and ignore the comment yet her blush was undeniable as she prepared her breakfast, taking place at the table right in front of Savannah.

Just sitting here made Roxanne uncomfortable but she felt trapped not knowing what she could possibly do about it. All her concentration was going towards finishing her breakfast as soon as she could, so she could get away from this awkward position as well as forcing herself not to look up to the feet in front of her. It didn't take long for her to pick up that nasty foot odour again however, those must probably have been the same socks that bitch wore yesterday. A quick look confirmed that thought as she saw the greyish imprint at the bottom of Savannahs feet testifying that they had been worn already. The imprint looked quite clear, probably because she had hung around the dorm for a while after Roxanne had left, walking around on only her socks.

With that thought entering her head she noticed that she must have been staring again, a behaviour she quickly corrected herself by looking down at her bowl with a blush. At least Savannah hadn't caught her again this time or so she thought. Savannah had noticed she had even snapped a pic of it, just like she had done every time Roxanne had stared at her feet she was just curious about what would happen if she didn't intervene for a change. The blush indicated that she didn't need to embarrass the girl for her to feel embarrassed but now she wondered if she would start staring again since Savannah hadn't shocked her out of it.

Savannah didn't need to wait long as a few moments later Roxannes eyes drifted back towards the soles of her roommate. It really looked like she was day dreaming but the fact that she did so while looking as Savannahs feet was hilarious to the black girl. She wondered if movement would break her out of staring and so she started slowly scrunching the toes of one foot, then the other, time and time again only to notice to her delight that Roxy kept on staring. This continued even as she started waving her foot around a bit, it was a strange thing but having someone so focused on her feet really made Savannah feel like a princess. Roxanne just quietly finished her breakfast while her eyes remained on her roommates soles. All this time she was thinking about how annoying it was to have that smell accompanied her breakfast, it was honestly ruining her appetite and yet she felt too embarrassed to confront Savannah about it, she already knew what the reaction would be anyway.

All of a sudden Roxanne got shocked out of her day dream by another crude remark from her roommate. "You know we should eat like this more often, I mean I have never seen you eating so relaxed as when I let you stare at my pretty feet all meal long." Savannah laughs.

"I... I wasn't staring, it was just a day dream, it had nothing to do with your feet at all and we should definitely not do this ever again" Roxanne lashed out in embarrassment realising that she had used the day dream excuse before and that it hadn't held up for the first time either, but she couldn't let Savannah push her around like this.

For the second day in a row Roxanne headed out with bright red cheeks accompanied by Savannahs laughter. Meeting up with her friends and heading to class together was a huge relief for sure. She had never thought that she would actually be this glad to follow her classes, but she was. Friday she only had classes in the morning giving her all afternoon alone in the dorm to work for school a little and most important of all get ready to go clubbing with her friends. She lived for these Friday nights and she had heard that Chad her crush would be going to the same club. After a couple not so accidental meet ups in the past the two of them had been hitting it off quite well. Roxanne hoped that maybe tonight would be the night she and Chad would become a thing. She didn't want to get her hopes up too high, but one could dream right?

With her head on cloud 9 Roxanne whistled her way into the dorm room, she had only just grabbed lunch with her friends so she could go straight to her school work which went by surprisingly fast. The motivation of seeing chad again was more than enough apparently. Once her work was done she began her preparations taking a shower and putting on some mascara just to make her eyes pop that much more. For her outfit Roxanne chose a red off the shoulder dress with a flared skirt that was slightly longer in the back than the front. It looked sexy and yet stylish at the same time. Feeling daring she opted into wearing a pair of black sheer hold-up stockings with a back seam instead of more juvenile pantyhose. For the final eye catcher Roxanne chose a pair of shiny red pumps giving another layer of definition to her already stunning legs.

Just as she was checking everything for a last time she heard the door open signalling that Savannah was back. Inwardly she groaned but well she was just heading out herself so no harm right? Afterall she would barely have to acknowledge her roommate while walking past her which actually made today quite a success. Apart from this morning she would have had a Savannah free day.

The clicking of heels betrayed Roxanne approaching the livingroom, a queue Savanah instantly took to put her feet up on the armrest facing the hallway Roxanne would need to get out off. She was wearing a neon pink stretchy crop top, baby blue leggings and the neon pink hypno Kneehigh socks. Her outfit looked like some sort of workout outfit yet everyone who knew Savannah also knew that she hadn't worked out a day in her life. Ofcourse no one could have known what the sinister goal of this particular outfit was, not even Roxanne who would be dealing with the consequences.

As soon as Roxannes eyes fell upon the soles of Savannahs socks she stopped in her tracks lost staring at them. This brought an instant smirk to Savannahs face. Afterall she knew that her roommate had only come out to be on time yet now she would take delight in letting her be late cause she was staring at the socked soles.

About 15 minutes in Roxannes phone started beeping in her clutch purse. Probably some friends asking where she was, a sound that delighted Savannah to no end. Especially when some even started to call the girl staring at her feet. She let this play out for another half an hour videoing Roxanne not picking up her phone because she was staring at her feet soles so intensely, imagining the explaining poor Roxy would probably have to do to explain why she was almost an hour late, that while she didn't even have a clue herself.

Eventually Savannah did speak up however, another small thing that would soon give her all the tools she needed to completely dominate the girl. Just hypnotising her into submission wouldn't be fun, no she wanted to install some humiliating neuroses which would eventually lead to enough photo and video material to start blackmailing miss perfect. Savannah already looked forward to it but first things first. "When you see something out of place in this dorm room you need to put it in the right place no matter what it is you can't sleep until everything is in the right place Roxy" Savannah firmly states.

Roxanne in turn blinks a few times muttering a confused "euhm yeah, sure." Before she continued on walking to the front door like nothing had happened. Right before leaving Savannah heard yet another message tone from Roxannes phone followed by a loud panicky "shit" and hurried footsteps which made her instantly burst out with laughter. This was just too great.

How could she have lost track of time that badly kept going through Roxannes head as she saw all the missed texts and even a missed phone call from her friends. The reason remained a mystery, but she knew she was going to need an excuse to tell her friends once she arrived at the club. Normally they would meet up at Cindys dorm before heading to the club together. In the last messages her friends had let her know that they would just head out themselves and that she could meet them at the club if she would still come to begin with.

Once there it took her some time to find her friends in the crowd where she was met with a whole series of questions. Luckily her friends seemed to buy the lame excuse that she had lost track of time in the bath tub, a reasonable explanation for being late as well as not answering her phone. It didn't take the group long to get in the party mood and forget about the whole thing, especially once the alcohol was starting to have its effect.

When Chad showed up about two hours into the party things just couldn't go any better. Roxanne loosened up by the drinks and egged on by her friends had no problem approaching him. Not that he really seems to mind given how he started heading her way once he had spotted her approach. She could feel the butterflies going wild in her stomach especially once he addressed her and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. This was a very new feeling for her, despite her good looks she had never actually been with a guy before. Sure she had gotten hit on multiple times but when it came to guys she had always been rather reserved. She had just never felt ready before, you could call her old fashioned, but she really believed in saving herself for the one. With Chad she really felt those fireworks the kind all those romantic stories talked about and she really believed he was the one for her. He was respectful, handsome and very charming. Her friends knowing how much he meant to her left her alone for the most part aside from an odd cheer or a pushy comment whispered in her ear.

For them seeing things develop between those two was the highlight of the evening, especially when that first passionate tongue kiss came. A kiss that went accompanied by a round of applause from her friends which made her blush only to be taken into a comforting hug by Chad. Over the course of the party she and Chad shared a few more of those kisses. When they shared their goodbye kiss once the party started to slow down Roxanne awkwardly asked, "So does that mean we're a couple now?" Something Chad only laughingly confirmed by giving her another passionate kiss and a wink before going on his way back to his dorm leaving Roxanne stunned and overjoyed.

All her friends immediately headed her way once Chad left and dragged her out of the club firing question after question as they made their way back to the dorms. Not that they needed to ask, Roxanne was so overjoyed that she basically couldn't shut up about it as she kept on saying how wonderful Chad was, going into detail about how he kissed, smelled, talked,... she sounded like some love drunk teenager instead of the high achieving college student she was, which made her friends laugh. The group finally said their goodbyes as each went to their own dorm reminiscing about the wonderful night.

The worries of the past few days had vanished completely as Roxanne felt like she could just take on the world. Humming the song that had played during the first kiss she shared with Chad she entered the dorm. She instantly took of her heels which had been hurting her for quite some time now, but she didn't care. Tonight had been perfect she thought carrying the heels to her room passing through the livingroom that was littered with Savannahs laundry.

For some reason all those dirty clothes bothered her more than usual. Maybe if she showed her roommate how nice their dorm could look she would be a bit more careful next time before just discarding everything where she happened to be at that time. With that in mind Roxanne went back out to the livingroom and started picking up clothes. They all had that typical strong onion like smell that often defined her roommates body odour, it disgusted her to no end and yet she carried on picking up a legging here, a dress there and put it in the laundry basket where it belonged. She cleaned up some of the plates and wrappers her roommate left behind until everything was in place. Roxanne felt pretty tired by now but at least the dorm looked a lot cleaner already. Well apart from the numerous socks and panties still laying around. Roxanne just couldn't get herself to even touch those and so after washing her hands thoroughly she headed to bed.

Changed into her nightie and tired Roxanne lay in bed yet for some reason she just couldn't sleep, the fact that she had only done half a job cleaning up kept nagging her. Eventually after 20 sleepless minutes she got back up and headed to the livingroom with a deep sigh. Revolted she looked down at the first sock she encountered, it was a white ankle sock with a greyish imprint, probably one of the pair Savannah had worn this morning. Remembering that horrid smell that she had to endure during breakfast she picked it up between her thumb and index finger carrying it out to the laundry basket like that. Luckily this allowed her to keep the socks far enough, so she only barely picked up the scent yet the fact that she was actually touching them made her skin crawl.

Her underwear was even worse, the panties looked huge in her dainty hands and to her disgust they all seemed to be quite stained at the crotch. Despite the large size her roommate apparently owned quite a few racy panties. The task of picking up Savannahs intimates was very time consuming due to how she went about it, picking up one piece at a time and carrying it to the laundry basket. After almost an hour everything in the dorm was finally in the right place. While washing her hands for the first third time in a row Roxanne thought back to how she had collected more than a dozen pairs of panties and socks along with about 10 tights and pantyhose. She wondered how one girl could produce that much laundry, or rather how long it had been since Savannah had cared to collect anything herself. Finishing the third washing of her hands Roxanne sighed and decided to just go to bed, any dirt she felt was probably imagined by now. With all the cleaning out of the way sleep came quickly.

Chapter 3

On Saturday Roxanne slept in only waking up somewhere around noon. The cleaning up yesterday had kind of ruined her mood but then tonight she had dreamed about Chad which put her right back on the pink cloud she had been on after the club. She walked into the kitchen humming not even caring that Savannah had put her feet up on the table once more. While Roxanne was still just wearing her nightie Savannah looked ready to head out, well at least to her standards Roxanne couldn't imagine anyone going out in the teal coloured tights, navy blue skater skirt and white crop top the full figured black girl was wearing. Not that she particularly cared anyway.

Roxanne prepared herself an egg for breakfast along with some toast bread before taking place in her usual spot at the table. In front of her to the side of Savannahs feet was a dirty plate which probably had carried the girls' lunch before. She just rolled her eyes thinking about how she had cleaned up only yesterday. Something which Savannah didn't even seem to notice, god that girl was a nightmare.

As she ate it didn't take long for her eyes to drift towards Savannahs soles again. While she was staring she wondered why a girl with that figure would ever want to drag attention to her legs by wearing such bold coloured tights. Why anyone would wear tights like that for that matter, she guessed clothes were just another way for her roommate to be obnoxious.

This time Savannahs feet at least appeared to be clean and they didn't smell yet either which was a huge relief for Roxanne who didn't even think about scolding her roommate for putting up her feet while she ate. Suddenly the meaty sole covered in bright opaque teal nylon started waving wildly in front of Roxanne who just kept staring until her roommates gleeful voice snapped her out of it. "Roxy, Roxyyyyyy. Roxy! Ah finally I got your attention sorry to snap you out of your intense adoration of my feet you seemed to like so much. Anyway, what I wanted to ask. Do you know where all my stuff went? I mean you might have noticed that there were some of my clothes laying on the couch, but they seemed to have vanished. I was wondering if you had something to do with that, you know with the way you have been admiring my feet lately I thought you might have snuck a pair of my socks off to your room." Savannah asked with a big smirk on her face.

Roxanne on the other hand sat at the table speechless and shocked, how could her roommate even think she did something like that? That she liked her feet? This was all incomprehensible to the girl who needed a minute to even find words. Her face became bright red with equal amounts of shame and anger, anger at the nerve of that stupid fat bitch. Roxanne was done being nice as she burst out screaming "You are un-fucking believable, how dare you even assume something so outrageous? Just so you know your feet are ugly and gross not to mention how badly they stink. I have had enough of all the messes you leave around here, news flash. You aren't the only one who has to live in this dorm. I cleaned up just this once and I expect you to keep it clean. As to where your stuff is, it is all in the laundry basket where it belongs."

Savannahs eyes narrowed, "so you claim that my feet stink and are disgusting huh? You are the one who has been perving over them whenever they come into view you are just a little foot perv and scared to admit it, eitherway one day you will have to admit to your true nature Roxy and when that day comes be sure I'll be there to rub it in" she stated firmly before getting on her feet and shoving them in a pair of worn out white sneakers.

"Anyway, I need to go now before you make me late for my shopping trip with friends so bye bye Roxy, you little foot perv" she carried on in a vicious tone

"Fuck-off!" Roxanne screamed towards her roommate as she headed out the door and like that she was left pissed and alone. Her anger slowly subsided while she finished what was left of her breakfast before clearing the table of her own plate and the plate Savannah had used cause obviously her roommate wouldn't care to do it later.

Right after her brunch Roxanne got dressed in her workout outfit, a pair of purple leggings, a white sports bra, white ankle socks and her purple running shoes. She still felt pissed and a good long run would definitely be the perfect way to destress her. At least this way she could channel all that negative energy into something positive. Not only would it help to work off her anger it would also build her stamina and be great training for the competition that would start later in the semester.

Savannah in turn felt quite pissed as well, how dare that bitch or a Roxanne call her feet ugly and gross? Not only that but she had also declared that she stunk? Oh, she would be so sorry about all of that, soon she would become very intimate with Savannahs feet at their worst the Black girl thought smiling to herself. She had wanted nothing more than to teach her right then and there, but she still didn't have enough material against the girl to really blackmail her. Sure she had a couple of pics of the girl looking at her feet but those didn't prove anything. Anyone could argue that her eyes just happened to pass by or that she wasn't looking at her feet but at a phone on the table or something.

No she needed to be patient, thing is Savannah didn't have patience but showing restraint now would all be worth it in time. Going for the socks again hadn't been an option either due to the waiting time. She might have not been able to do anything this morning but tomorrow first thing in the morning she would start her revenge. She knew just what to say to get everything she needed to really start taking control over her perfect roommate. Today she would just spend all day and evening out with her girlfriends to make the wait bearable.

Roxanne was having a great run she was well on her way to break her personal record on the 10 miles but then she spotted Chad who was out for a run as well. They ran together for about another mile, slightly slower so they could casually chat while. Just like that all Roxannes troubles were forgotten. Especially when Chad took her hand asking if she wanted to join him for a smoothie once they were done, something she immediately agreed with. It seemed like the butterflies had never left her stomach as she finished the last mile without even noticing how much her muscles were burning.

At the juice bar the newly found couple could only be described as sickeningly sweet, the way they held hands, exchanged kisses and were totally obvious to the outside world. They were so consumed by each other that she didn't even notice Savannah walking by with her loud group of friends. Savannah was kind of surprised to see her roommate here but instead of interrupting she just walked by with a sinister smile. She didn't know Roxy had a boyfriend but now she did she certainly planned to use this info to her advantage. She could already envision how he would be a perfect tool to put pressure on poor Roxy.

After some more making out with Chad and eventually even grabbing dinner together it was quite late in the evening when she arrived back at the dorm. The place was still just as clean as when she had left after her brunch which probably meant that Savannah had been out all day and still was. Still feeling tired from her short night Roxanne decided to just grab a shower and head to bed, after a false start today had ended up being great and unlike yesterday there was nothing to ruin it for her as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later Savannah came home as well, she had had a great day and an even better one to look forward to tomorrow, every quiet moment her mind had wandered to what she would do with Roxanne tomorrow morning and it never failed to bring a smile to her pudgy face. Before she nodded off to sleep she masturbated trough her panties growing wetter and wetter as she imagined Roxanne having to pick them up tomorrow, she would gleefully leave them behind for her to find after which the previous commands would do the rest. It would only be better with what she planned to add tomorrow.

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