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Hey friends this is my first fiction foot worship
story. It’s about a teacher and her student who became her slave. Hope you like



Bell rang and he waited eagerly for his favourite
teacher. Not because she was good at teaching but because she was good at
teasing. He loved it. Ever since he had taken her first class he had dreamed to
be under her feet. The feet which were capable of making anybody fall down at
them and start worshiping them. Sexy size 7 feet with long toes always painted
with a colour matching to the sandals. And the sandals were exactly the same he
had wished to worship always. Strapped sandals, stilettos of various colours,
pumps that were sexiest he has ever seen. He used to fantasize them on his face
while her mistress teacher uses him as footstool. He loved to think her
standing on his chest sometimes with her high heels sometimes barefoot. He
dreamed sucking those sexy toes, licking those gorgeous soles, kissing those
beautiful feet. He used to make plans which will make him her teacher’s slave.
Unfortunately none has worked so far.



She arrived 2 minutes later. She was smiling. As
soon as she arrived he looked at her feet. It looked like she was wearing 3”
high heels of his favourite black colour. As usual toes were painted in
matching colour. Again he started fantasizing about being her slave. Plans
started forming inside his mind. He only concentrated enough to hear that they
were going to have a surprise test today. Goddess was saying those who fail or
cheat in this test will be liable for punishment and low marking the whole
year. Test began but all he could think was her feet. He was dreaming again
sucking her feet at her command. His eyes were set at her beautiful feet. She
noticed it and asks him “where is your concentration? Are you sleeping in my
class? All he could do was stammer. She felt disgusted and disappointed. Test
got over and so was the period. He was lost at her feet that he didn’t write
enough in the test. He knew he was going to fail. But he didn’t cared. All he
cares about was her feet. That evening he masturbated thinking that her black
3” high heel were deep inside her mouth while she was trampling him with her
other heel.


Next day his goddess announced the result. He was
the only one who failed it. He felt a little shameful when he was scolded in
front of everyone by his goddess. But not more than that. She said “you have to
undergo extra class and I myself will take care of it. I want 100% result in my
subject. He was not shameful that he was being punished, he was happy that he
was going to be alone with the goddess. And plans started to form and reform in
his mind. He was asked to remain in the class for an extra hour after the
school from next day. He thought why not from today?

DAY 1:

Next day fresh after masturbating again last
evening he came to school happily hoping to get close to the feet of his
dreams. He waited for the school to end. It seemed to him like the clock was
moving too slow. But time passed. There he was waiting for the queen. And she
arrived with books in her hand. She had same high heel again as they were on
the day of test. His favourite black ones. And black toenails. He thought this
is his lucky day as he will be near to her feet than any other day. She asked
him to complete some exercise relating to the subject.  And he started doing it. And his goddess sat
in teacher’s chair and for his great surprise dangling her high heels. He saw
that she has loosened strap of her heels. He busied himself in the exercise for
some time. After some time he heard a thud from teacher’s desk. He saw in time
that his goddess has somehow lost her heels while dangling them. And she was
almost up to retrieve it. He leapt from his seat and nearly ran towards her
heel. She asks him not to bother but he insisted to help. He lifted her heel
and takes it back to her. The heel felt so light and so delicate. She asks him
that he should not have bothered for it. He replied “no madam it is my duty to
keep you happy” she says “then why don’t you concentrate on your studies. You
should give same effort to your studies as you have given to my heels. I mean
bringing my heels” he almost fainted hearing that she liked his effort to bring
back her heels. He promised her that he will try his best. He offered her to
put her heel on her feet for her. She smiled and said it’s not needed. But he
ignored it and bent down at her feet. With utmost care he put the heel on her
feet. He said “it will not kill me to do that, madam”. She laughed a bit and
said “yeah of course” then she asks him “why were you sleeping on that day when
you were having test. You shouldn’t do that.” He said “no madam I was not
sleeping.” To which she replied “I saw you. Or were you looking for something”
he said “madam I am afraid that I cannot reply” she asked her “why. You have to
tell me.” Then shamelessly he said “madam I was looking at your high heels.”
She asks him “why? Anything wrong with them”. Then he replied “no madam it’s
just that black is my favourite colour and it looked great on your feet”. She
laughed and said “thanks. But does that mean you are looking at my feet today
also as I am wearing same heels today.” He thinks hard and replied “not yet
madam but I love black colour. Can’t help looking at it whatever the thing is” she
says “oh that’s why even looking at feet doesn’t bother you” he said “yes
madam. But I didn’t understand something” “what is that” she asked him. He said
“madam why are feet not considered good things to talk about. They are body
part just like others. Then why they are considered bad”. Then she said “well
they are not considered bad but it is not usual to talk about them in public. I
mean they are always on ground dirty and all.” “So what difference it makes
madam.” “Well they get dirty and sweaty. Also they are in contacts with shoes
and sandals that make them sweaty and smelly. And surely no one would prefer
them. Even you wouldn’t I am sure” “no madam it is not like that. I don’t mind
feet.” “Really! Are you saying that you don’t mind feet no matter how sweaty or
smelly they are” he said “no madam not at all. Even if they are in my hands or
near my face.”   She couldn’t believe it
“come on are you saying you don’t mind smelly feet even if they are near your
face. He smiled and said “no madam even if they are on my face” he knew she was
intrigued by that. She said “it’s weird. Ok suppose I put my high heels or feet
on your face then you say you wouldn’t mind it” he couldn’t take it anymore. He
dropped to his knees and said “let me prove it to you madam. I will sniff your
high heels and feet as long as you want me to.”
“Well I don’t want you to smell my heels but I can’t help it too.”


And his dream came true. The goddess has just
handed him her high heel from her right foot and asked “ok smell them for maybe
let’s say 5 minutes. But there is one problem I don’t want to put my barefoot
on ground.” He replied “I will smell them for 10 minutes. And you can keep your
foot on my lap or wherever you want it” and he took her high heel and started
to sniff it while she placed her foot on his lap. The aroma was unbelievable.
Like salt has been mixed with sweat and left to rot for weeks. He thought she
had not washed her foot for long time. He kept sniffing those taking long and
short whiffs. Finally after 10 minutes his goddess said “wow I can’t believe
that somebody can do that. But you have proved your point. Wow” he said “I am
up for any challenge madam” to which she says “really. Well we will see that
for sure. But we don’t have enough time today. Maybe we should extend your
extra classes. Then I will see how much challenge you can win. Is it ok for you?
We can think of your marks strategy too.” It is not ok it is great he wanted to
say but “yes madam that’s fine. Can’t wait to prove myself” And that was it for
the day. Disappointed that he couldn’t continue but happy that at least he got
to sniff her feet he prepared to go home. Before that he was honoured to put
high heel of goddess back on her gorgeous foot. 

DAY 2:

In the morning it took a while to realize that why he had woke up so happy today. When he realized it once again he was deep in thoughts about the goddess. He caught the bus to school and straight into the classroom because his goddess was going to take the first period today. He kept waiting to see what was in store for him today. As usual he started planning to take the heels in his mouth. And then like a dream she was there. He was surprised to see that she was again in her black high heels. She has done it for the first time. Four days in a row in same heels. First thought that came to his mind was they must be smelly. The whole period he kept looking at her feet and heels. She noticed it once or twice and smiled at him. The period got over and he was told that he had extra class after school. This was what he wanted. This mere thought helped him pass the remaining classes.

After the school ended he remained in the class waiting for the queen. She arrived 5 minutes later with her high heels making sounds just like his heartbeat. She greeted him with smile and asks him to come to her desk. She asks him “you ready for another sniffing session or was it enough for you yesterday”. “I told you yesterday madam I am up for any challenge”. “We will see it. For now I want u to just kneel down and start sniffing my high heels for a while. Then we will proceed with feet. I think they are greater challenge today because I did not washed them since yesterday morning. Would u still do it?” in reply he got on his knees lifted her right foot and started sniffing her high heels. He started with the heel itself. He wanted to take it in his mouth straight away but he controlled. He kept taking big whiffs out of the high heels. He buried his nose at the bottom of the heel. Once or twice his lips touched with the sole. The smell was driving him mad. The smell was like that again. Salt mixed with sweat and left to rot. It seemed to him cheese was also mixed in it. He kept sniffing hard. After 10 or so minutes he still continued to sniff when the goddess asked her to stop. He replied “madam won’t your other heel will be angry if I do not smell it too” she laughed and said “yes it will be. So get going.” He replied with yen more intense sniffing. It went on for another 10 minutes. She then asks him if he was ready for her feet too. He smiled and untied her high heel of her right foot. He lifted her foot and put it on his lap. He then kissed his high heels. She was surprised asked him why he did that. He said “I am thanking it for the sweet smell it filled inside me” the goddess laughed and lifted her foot too his face. He kissed the sole and before she could ask anything he said “I am thanking it before because I know everything that is coming will be greater” she laughed again and leaned back on his chair. He started sniffing the foot. Starting from the soles he moved to the insteps. He put his nose at every possible angle at every possible position inhaling the sweet and seductive aroma. After 20 minutes the queen asked him to give her foot thank you kiss again and continue with other foot. He obeyed at once. When the goddess started to put her high heels back on, he said “I will do that madam after I have done sniffing your other foot. Till then you can keep it on my shoulders. She was impressed with him. She lifted her foot and put it on his shoulder. During this her toes got rubbed on his cheeks. Both enjoyed it. And then he repeated everything with her other foot. When it was done she was fairly impressed and very happy. She said “you have been such a good boy”. He asked her “madam I felt awesome sniffing your gorgeous foot. How do you feel when I was doing it?” She said “it was great feeling. Like I am being treated as a queen.” He then said “madam does that make me your servant.” She said “what if I say yes” he replied “that would be my pleasure my queen” she smiled and said “that is settled then. You are my slave now. And I am your queen. You will do as I say. Ok” he smiled and said “yes my queen. It is settled.” And with this he kissed her feet again.

She then asked him “what can you do for me?” he replied “everything u order my queen. I will lick your feet, your sandals or heels. I will worship your feet the way it pleases you.” “That’s great. Let’s start with something that reminds you always that I am your queen. Put my heels back on and lay down on the floor with your shirt removed. He did as he was commanded. With utmost care he put her high heels back on her feet and lay down on the floor. She then came near him and put her high heeled feet on his chest. “Slave boy I am going to stand on you with my sharp heels digging on your chest. This will remind you that you are my slave. You got any problem with that.” “No my queen this is my honour to be under your precious feet.” “Good slave now be ready.” And before he could get ready she was on his chest. Her heels dug in his chest. She started to move on his chest as if it was her property. Often she lifted one of her foot to keep full pressure on one foot. Her heels were getting deeper and deeper. But he loved it. She started putting one of her foot on his face now and then. She asked him “how it feels to be under my feet slave boy.” He replied “this is my life’s best experience. I love this. To be under your gorgeous feet is something I just love.” She smiled and said “well then we should make your experience even better.” With that she put on of her heel on his forehead, other on his mouth and balanced herself on his face. One of her heel dug into his temple while other one in his cheek. He enjoyed it all. He had got what he always dreamt of. And all this came to him as a dream. He kept lying down under her feet grabbing her ankles once in a while. She then got back to his chest jumping in the air. Heel went into his chest like arrows. She then asked him “you have done well slave boy. Do you desire a reward? “Yes my queen” “it is not you who will desire it is I who desires anything slave. How dare you desire. You deserve to be punished. Open your mouth” he obeyed and next moment 3” heel was inside his mouth. “Suck it. Lick my heels clean. I want my soles clean lie new. They must shine.” He felt this is reward not punishment. He obeyed her command. He started licking her heels. Grabbed her foot by the ankle for support. She kept moving her heel in and out of his mouth. Then she moved her sole forward and backward while he kept his tongue out cleaning the sole. After the goddess was satisfied she put her other heel in his mouth and asked him to continue. He did it happily. It seemed like an hour or so after which she got off his chest.

Then she put one of her foot back on his chest when he tried to raise “not so quick slave boy. I am happy you have done well. If you want to get good marks this year you have to be my slave for the whole year.” “I will be your slave for whole life madam” “we will see. Now tomorrow is Sunday. I want you to utilize the holiday properly. You have to come to my home by 8 am tomorrow and continue serve me as I wish. You understand slave?” “Yes my queen I understand. I will be there at time.” “Ok get up now and put your shirt back on. You can go now.” “Yes goddess.” “Goddess! That’s good I like it. Keep calling me that as well. Now fare me a goodbye kiss. On my feet you fool. Maybe you deserve more punishment. We will take care about it tomorrow. Now go off. He kissed her feet for the last time for the day and went to his home

It was Sunday. He woke up early in the morning
and started preparing for the adventure which lies ahead of him at his goddess’s
house. He told his parents that he is going to his friend’s home and will be
returning late. And he was totally ready for another dream to come true. He had
decided he will do anything to have her toes inside his mouth. And then he was
at her goddess house. He knew that she lives alone. He thought in her 30’s she
look sexier and beautiful then her 20’s counterparts. He knocked to see the
goddess at the door.


At once he dropped to his knees and put his hands
on the floor. Her queen was wearing flip flops this time. Pink colour flip
flops which were just making her feet look sexier. He was surprised to see her
toenails were still painted black but the colour was fading. He thought she
must have left her feet unwashed even after all.  She put both of her flip flopped feet one by
one on her hands. He was in pain which was so enjoyable. After sometime she put
one of her foot on his head. She was smiling wide. And then she put her other
foot on his head too. She used the wall to balance herself on his head. She said
“you are learning to be a good slave. I will make you learn it well.” The she
stepped of his head and said “let’s go to the room.” When he tried to get up
she trampled his head again with her flip flopped foot. “What do you think you
are doing slave. Do you think your queen will go to the room on foot? Now get
on the floor on your both hands and knees. You will be my horse. My pony ride
for today.” “Yes goddess” he replied and did what he was told. She then sat
herself comfortably on his back. “Now pony I am going to lift my legs up. If you
drop me or my feet touch the floor again because of you mistake you will be
punished brutally. Now move” he moved on all fours. She started to pull his
hairs and rock on his back. She kept smacking her feet on his head and cheeks. He
very carefully and slowly moved around as the horse. He was laughing inside. Then
they were inside the room. She asked him to take her near the bed. “Slave boy
now I am going to stand on your back. Don’t dare drop me” then she put both of
her feet one by one on his back and stand there. After 2 or so minutes she
jumped on the bed from there. He tumbled under the impact. Now she sat on the
bed with her flip flop hanging right at his face. “What do you see my slave” “goddess
I see lot of dirt on your precious flip flops.” She slapped him with her flip
flop and said “then what are you waiting for. Get going. Lick all the dirt off
my flip flops like you licked my high heels. Or get ready for punishment. He
started with her left foot right at the heel area. There was lot of dirt there.
It seemed to him she has been running in the house wearing them ever since. He licked
all the dirt off the heel and proceeded to the middle part. Then licked all the
dirt off the front part of the flip flop. She examined her flip flop and
slapped him again “this is not clean you dirty little slave. Do it again. And
do it properly.” He started all over again and continued for another 10
minutes. She examined it again and said “now go on with the other one and do it
in single chance. This time if you do it wrong you will get punishment” he
licked dirt off the flip flop by every possible use of the tongue. She called “it’s
good. Now let me think what to make you do now slave boy. Ok let’s go for
another pony ride. Get here. “She got up on the bed and then moved to his back.
Slowly she sat on his back. Then she got up again on his back and said “I want
to do it standing.” He moved with utmost slow this time. Making sure she doesn’t
fall. In the living room she asked her to stop by sofa. “Bring my high heels
from the stand. I want to stand on you again. And make sure you use your teeth
to lift them not your hands. And lick them clean before you show me your face
again.” He went to the shoe stand lifted her high heels. It took him 5 minutes
to lick them clean. He then put the strap in his mouth and grabbed both of them
in his teeth. He put them at her feet. “Lay down now on the floor and remove
your shirt.” He did it. “Now I will stand on your chest in my flip flops. Use your
mouth to remove my flip flops and hands to put the high heels. Do it properly.”
Then she almost jumped on his chest in her flip flops putting both feet at the
same time on his chest. Pain pierced him throughout but he didn’t move. She extended
her foot to his face and put them on his lips. He wrapped his lips around the
sole and removed it off her foot. He then lifted her high heel and put them on
her feet. He repeated the same with her other foot. She started to move on his
chest and belly. Occasionally she put her high heel on his crotch and applied
some pressure. He enjoyed it greedily. She then put her 3” high heel inside his
mouth. He started to suck it. It was the same she did it with him day before. Like
then she put on of her heel on his forehead and other on mouth. She remained in
that position for 5 minutes. Then back on his chest. After 30 minutes of
trampling session she got off. “You have done well slave boy. I want to give
you reward. What u want” “Slave doesn’t want anything my queen. Queen can do
what she wants” “this is the answer expected of you my dirty little slave. I give
you chance to clean my feet. Can there be better reward then this.” “No
mistress it cannot.” “Mistress is it. Keep me happy calling like that. Now get
on your hands and knees. I want pony ride again. Take me to the bedroom. He got
on his four again and she sat. They were in the bedroom. She jumped from his
back to the bed and said “Come here. Remove my sandals and start licking my


He acted fast and soon her foot was in his hand. He
didn’t give another thought and started to suck her toes. He wrapped her lips
around the biggest toe and used his tongue well. He sucked it for 5 minutes
before moving on to other toes. One by one he used same steps on her other
toes. The he sucked and licked between each toe. Then he proceeded to the ball
of her foot. He sucked greedily. Then he moved to the middle part. And then it
was the time for her heels. He lies down again and put her heel inside his
mouth. He licked it like there would be no tomorrow. She kept moaning during
this. Her moans were so seductive that his soldier seems to tear his jeans. It was
a huge bulge which didn’t go unnoticed. She asked him to sit and continue
cleaning her other foot. While he worshipped her foot she took care of his
penis. Played with it like her toy. The penis refused to subside even by a millimetre.
It continued for almost 1 hour before she called him off. He was disappointed. He
wanted to do more.  She then said “I think
it is lunch time. Slave go to the kitchen and bring me the food plate from the
fridge. Also bring the cake from the fridge. I think you deserve cake for what
you have done today” he did as he was told. She took both the plate and cake
from him. She then put the cake on the floor and crushed it with her feet. She smiled
and said “your lunch is ready slave boy. Eat it” he ate like maniac. Licking and
sucking from every inch of her foot. He sucked her big toe like cake was coming
from inside it. When her foot was licked clean she said “it seems you are
hungry. Go on here is some more cake. With that she dropped rest of the cake on
the floor and used her other foot to mesh it. And then he sucked and licked her
foot cleat again. Meanwhile she ate her lunch. “Do you want some water footboy”
“if you wish it mistress” “then lay down on the floor.” When he was on the
floor again she stepped up on his chest again. Then she put her foot inside his
mouth and starts dropping water from the bottle on her leg. “Drink it footboy.”
And he again sucked her foot with passion and greed. “You need to learn
drinking from the foot slave boy. Let’s put some foot in your mouth. Come to
the bed.” She lifted her foot to his face and use her big toe to part his lips.
“Open” then she inserted her big toe in his mouth. The slowly all her toes were
in his mouth. She kept inserting her foot further. After some time when it
looked like her foot has reached its limit in his mouth. She lifts her other
foot and put it behind his head. “We need to extend your drinking capabilities
footboy” she used her foot behind his head to put pressure from backside. Then with
a huge thrust more of her feet went inside his mouth. He gagged but she didn’t
stop. Her almost half the foot lay inside his mouth. Her foot rested happily on
his tongue and touched his other side of mouth. He thought if his tongue was
extended outwards it could have touched her heel in this position. She leans
back with her foot inside. She tried it again to move it further in. when it
seemed impossible she just left it there and rested again. He gagged again but
she refused to take it out. After it seemed like hours to him she took it out
and rubbed all the saliva on his face. “It seems you are learning how to serve
your goddess slave boy isn’t it” “yes goddess” “well I want you to drop tomorrow’s
school and come to my home again. Then I will teach you more. Now go.” He wore
his shirt kissed her feet goodbye and went back.

He was asked to drop his school for the day by
his goddess. He had no intention to choose school over his goddess. He did as
he was told. And luck favoured him too. His parents were going out that day for
1 week. This means he do not have to worry about being questioned about it.
Elated by this he told his parents that he is going to his friend’s home to
study. And he left. He was at his goddess’s apartment by 7:50. He knocked.


And there was his queen. She looked so sexy in
the night suit she was wearing. And to his delight she had socks on this time.
He was happy to think that he will be getting a chance to sniff them to for the
first time. As usual he was down on his hands and knees and kissed her flip
flopped and this times socked feet and extended his hands on the floor. She
immediately stepped on his hands. She remained standing on his hands for 5
minutes then proceeded to his head. “Don’t move slave boy or I will crush you
little body.” She balances herself on his head for 10 minutes before stepping
off. “Get up pony boy I want my horse at my feet.” He got up on his hands and
knees again and started licking her socked flip flopped feet. Great smell was
coming from them. He suspected she had wearing them all night and running for
long time in them. “Not so soon slave. You will get the chance to sniff and
lick them properly. Now just be my pony.” And she sat comfortably on his back.
She then placed her feet on both of his cheek and pulled his hair. “Come on
pony boy move” and he started moving. “Now give me two rounds of the whole
house pony.” He did as he was asked. There were stairs but he didn’t stop. He
climbed all the stairs with her at his back. She kept jumping on his back
frequently. After 2 full rounds of the house was completed she ordered him to
take her to the sofa. She got off his back and sat on the sofa. “Slave show my
flip flops how much you love them” and he immediately started licking them.
There were lot of dirt on them. He licked it all. From the heel to the toe area
he licked the sole as if it was honey. He then proceeded to other flip flop
when the goddess was satisfied with it. And he licked it clean till she was
satisfied again. “Now remove my flip flops slave using you lips only. Don’t
dare to use your hands or teeth. She forwarded her foot to his face. And he
wrapped his tongue at the front. He used his tongue for bit support but didn’t
use his teeth.  It was difficult but he somehow
managed it on both flip flops. Then she asked him “do you want these socks my
dirty little slave. You want them in your mouth.” “Yes mistress only if you
allow” “then use your greedy mouth and grab them you pathetic slave.” With that
she started moving her feet here and there. He was on his knees with his hands
at his back. He tried hard to grab them in his mouth. But she was too quick for
him. She was moving her feet randomly very fast. She was teasing him. He was
getting tired. Then she started changing her positions too. She ran from sofa
to table and he followed. She kept laughing and teasing him “oh you poor little
slave. You want them didn’t u”  “yes my
queen” “then take them you stupid.” He worked harder to get the socks. He
jumped on his knees, run on them. His face got hit by tables and chairs and the
floor. In the end he somehow got tip of one of her socks. He started pulling it
off her foot like hungry lion. “Oh you really want them badly didn’t you
footboy. Open your mouth.” He did it and she removed her sock and stuffed it
inside his mouth. It was done brutally. He gagged when she kept inserting them
deep in his mouth. She used her foot to push it down further. “How does it
taste footboy” he couldn’t say anything because of the sock. “I know what you
want to say footboy. You love the taste, didn’t you?” he nodded his head. “yes
that’s right. Do you want to sniff the other one? When he nodded yes she
slapped him with her socked foot. And then put her foot at his nose. “You
better lie down on the floor.” He did. Then she just sat on the sofa with her
socked foot resting on his face and other on his chest. And he lay there with
one sock in his mouth and other in his face. She teased him by putting her
other foot on his crotch now and then. She pressed his crotch and rubbed her
toe teasingly on it. Her socked foot kept moving on his face from one cheek to
other rubbing hard on his nose and lips. She also inserted his socked foot in
his already full mouth sometimes.  It
went for about half an hour. She then asked him to get up. Then she removed her
other sock from her foot and stuffed it inside his mouth. “All right slave you
can take them out now. And keep them they are your gift for serving me
well.  Now I require more services.”
“Your wish is my command my queen” 


“Become a horse again now.” He got on his fours.
“Now I need a bath take me to the bathroom first.” She sat on his back again
and placed her bare feet on his face. He took her to the bathroom. “Come in
slave boy. There will be services for you inside. And you better take off your
clothes.” He got naked and got on his four again. “Oh that’s right slave boy. I
need not go by foot when I have a slave at my orders.” Together they went
inside the bathroom. “Now lay on the floor under the shower.” He did as he was
told. Then she stepped barefoot on his chest for the first time and started the
shower. He was in heaven. He couldn’t believe his luck. A Naked, sexy woman,
standing barefoot on his chest, taking a bath. It seemed unbelievable to him.
She kept bathing standing on his chest, moving on his chest like he was nothing
but floor. “Slave get me a chair” he got up and brought a chair. She sat on the
chair and asked him to bring the soap and kneel down at her feet. He brought
the soap and knelt down besides the chair. Then she put her feet on his
shoulders and said “first lick my feet clean. Then apply the soap on my feet
and legs and clean them properly.” He was in heaven again. He started licking
her feet like a maniac. They were wet with water. He drank it all. She kept
pressing her free foot on his chest, head or face. Then he licked her other
foot. Then he applied soap on her feet and legs and started rubbing them clean.
She kept both of her foot on his shoulders while he cleaned them. He used his
hands softly moving them all over her legs. Suddenly she slapped him by her
both feet together. “Don’t go too up slave just stick to the lower leg and
feet.”  Then he started pouring water on
her leg and cleaning them. He removed all the soap and rubbed them clean.
“Bring a towel and kneel down again.” when he brought the towel and knelt down,
she put one of her foot on his head and dried her leg. Then she put her other
foot on his head and dried it as well. Then she asked him to lie on the floor again
and dried her remaining body standing on his chest. When she had dried herself
properly she said “now slave boy I don’t want my feet to get dirty again so you
need to put your hands on the floor wherever I want to put my feet.” He
extended his hands on the floor and she put her feet on his hands. Then he put
his other hand on the floor and she put her other foot on his hand. This way they
reached her bedroom. She asked him to lie down again. Then she stepped on him
again and got dressed. She then jumped on the bed off his chest.


“Slave boy I have bought a new gift for you
yesterday. A new black 6” high heels that will give you lot of pleasure when
you will be trampled under them. I know you love being trampled by me in my
high heels, don’t you my dirty little pathetic slave boy.” “Yes goddess. No higher
pleasure lies than being under your high heels.” “Good now bring them in your
mouth and lie down.” He went to the shoe stand and lifted her new heels in his
mouth. They felt so light, so beautiful, and so sexy. He smelled them. They smelled
like fresh grass. He wondered how they will smell when they will meet delicious
sweat of the goddess. He took them to her and lie on the floor. She then jumped
on his chest from the bed and asked him to put her heels on her feet. With all
the care he put them on her feet. The heel went deep down in his chest. She started
moving on his nude body. She put her heel on his penis and applied lot of
pleasure. He moaned with pleasure. Then she started jumping on his chest and stomach.
Every jump made the heel dug deeper and deeper in his body. And then she
stepped full force on his face with her heel digging in his cheek and temple
and the sole resting squarely on his lips and forehead. Both of them were
moaning in pleasure. She was in super mood. She trampled his body with all her
might. The new heel leaving a new cut on his face and body every time she performed
her special moves. It went on for almost an hour or so before she stepped of
his chest. She then asked him “have you enjoyed it slave. Well doesn’t matter
you enjoyed it or not I enjoyed it a lot. I think it’s time that both of us have
our food.” She ordered a pizza. And she used him as her footstool till the
pizza arrived. She started having her pizza and dropped one piece on the floor.
Then she crushed and messed the piece with her new heels and ordered him to
lick it. “Bring me some sauce from the fridge.” He got it. She put some on her
pizza and some on her other heel. “You can have sauce from there slave” and she
started laughing. “I never thought I would enjoy life so much, did you footboy?”
“No, my queen. This is all like a dream come true. I can’t thank you enough for
all the pleasure you and your precious feet gave me” She laughed again. First he
licked pizza off her heel then he licked sauce off her other heel. This way he
kept licking till every bit of pizza was eaten and every drop of sauce was
gone. Then he licked her heels completely clean. Then he lay down at her feet
again and she put her heels on his chest and face. He was nude all the time. She
then asked him to describe her feet and high heels. He started “goddess your
feet and heel are the most beautiful things I have seen ever. Your sexy toes
are my life. I can’t imagine my life without them. Your size 7 feet is something
worth dying for. Licking your soft sole is like having fun of life. My heaven
lies at your feet and shoes queen. I want them on my chest and belly, on my
face and in my mouth. High heels at your feet are like the most gorgeous
combination in the world. I will die if I don’t get to live under them
mistress.” She laughed and slapped his face playfully. “That’s right slave. Your
world and heaven lies at my feet. And I think they deserve more services from
you footboy. So you will be at my feet whole night today, won’t you footboy” “your
wish is my command goddess. I have nobody at my home for one whole week. So I can
worship your feet all the week without worrying for anything.” “That’s great
slave boy. My feet deserve to be worshipped. Now I need to sleep. But I don’t
want you away from my feet. Bring a rope and tie your face to my high heels. But
first be my pony and take me to the sofa.” He got on his fours and she sat
herself comfortably on his back and put her 6” heel digging into his neck while
the sole rested on his head. She lied down on the sofa with her high heeled
feet extended to the side of sofa. He brought a thin rope. Then he knelt down
at the side of the sofa and tied his face to the soles of her heels. The goddess
and slave slept in their positions.

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